22.11.2012 “Different This Year”

Thoth walks around the neighborhood and stops to get coffee. He returns home and works on the Website. LA gets up at 10 and cleans the bathroom. She gets dressed and draws whimsical curlycues around her eyes in white makeup for the Thanksgiving prayformance. Thoth gets dressed. LA blends smoothies, and she and Thoth drink them as they finish dressing. LA does similar curlycues around Thoth’s eye in gold. “This is the first time I’ve done a makeup design on you,” LA says. “It’s pretty, Young Lady,” Thoth says. They finish getting ready and walk to the train station. Take the train to the park and walk to the tunnel. A small contingent of the Boyd choir is singing. “The Afrobats are there,” LA announces sadly. LA and Thoth put their things down and wait. Keeshan sets up in the circle to blow bubbles. “I see a harp near the lake,” Thoth says. “It must be Meta.” LA goes out to the fountain and sees Arlen. They hug and talk for a bit. “I’ll send Thoth to say hello,” Thoth goes out to talk to Arlen while LA waits. Thoth and Arlen talk about the way things have changed around Bethesda Terrace. Thoth returns to the tunnel and the Boyds finish up. LA and Thoth quickly set up and begin. “It’s different this year,” LA says after “Anya.” “The Afrobats make everyone feel scammed and robbed,” Thoth says. After a slow start, the audiences pick up. The Afrobats leave and the sun goes down. Emilia dances to the “C Minor,” “Bolero,” “A Major Improv,” “Tango” and “Scottish Song.” She gives LA and Thoth each a bag of curried nuts she made with a black string for Thoth and a pink string for LA. LA and Thoth walk to the 72nd street station and take the train to 50th street. They forget where Rose and Kirt live but find the apartment because Thoth remembers the Amish market across the street. Kirt comes down to get them. They relax in the warm apartment and eat the Thanksgiving dinner Rose prepared. Everyone chats about politics and football. Tired from the meal, LA naps on Thoth’s lap. After dessert, LA and Thoth pack up and walk back to the subway, both exhausted. They nap on the train. Walk back to the house. Take off clothes and settle in for the night. Bibi says: “What no turkey for me?”