22.12.2012 “Downpour”

Heavy Rain. Thoth edits blogs. He goes upstairs to wake LA. They go to the Village Market to get bagels and kombucha with sprouted chia for breakfast. LA begins learning the French lyrics of a Debussy song. “I need to go out,” Thoth says. “I’m anxious.” He and LA go for a walk up towards the cemetery. The hole is barred. They go to the waterfall and sit for a while. “That’s thunder,” Thoth says. “We better head home.” A sudden downpour catches them on the way home, so they wait it out beneath an evergreen. “Babes!” Nancee says when they return to the house, soaking wet. “Five more minutes and I was going to have to go out and save you,” she says. LA tries on outfits for dinner, then continues watching musicals on Youtube. Jamie comes over. She and LA talk upstairs. LA and Thoth get ready for dinner. Helen knocks on the door. Jamie takes LA’s computer and goes to Starbucks. LA and Thoth get in the car with Helen and her family and they drive down the street to Kana Peena. While waiting outside for a table, they all converse. Eventually the host seats them. Helen’s father Charles, a videographer, offers to film LA and Thoth in the Marin Headlands tunnel, a tunnel famous for it’s delay. The table conversation is stimulating. Jack speaks of his experiences with dumpster diving. After dinner, Helen and her family bring LA and Thoth home. The Dynamic Duo improvises a piece for them. Nancee comes home. The Dynamic Duo finishes with the “Scottish Song.” Charles schedules a video session with LA and Thoth at the tunnel for next Thursday. LA calls her sister as Helen’s family leaves. Jamie calls back to say that the computer is sitting outside the back door. LA gets her computer just as it starts to pour. Thoth gets tired trying to work on some computer projects. LA watches musicals and has some dessert, then writes. Bibi says: “Sweaty messes and moist tresses.”