22.2.2013 “No One Here”

Thoth goes to the store for distilled water, salmon, and bagels. At home he continues working on the EPK. LA gets up depressed and unable to do anything productive. She goes out back to the studio but someone is using it. Makes smoothies and bagel then watches videos on Youtube. “I am so depressed I don’t want to live anymore,” LA says. She goes back out to the studio and acts for the rest of the afternoon. Thoth gets dressed, then begins poaching the salmon and preparing teriyaki sauce. LA comes back and gets dressed. She and Thoth bike to Art Lab. “No one around,” Thoth says. “Very different from last Friday.” He and LA go inside and get ready in the dressing room. “Can we cancel the show please?” LA says. “There’s no one here.”  Jim comes in. “We sold 10 pre-sale and about 6 people have come in off the street,” he says. “Let’s start a little after 8,” Thoth says. “What’s the excuse?” Jim wonders. “There’s no one here,” LA says. She goes to the bathroom. Gives Forrest a hug. Sixteen people sit in the audience when the Dynamic Duo begins “Anya.” When they finish, a few people stay afterwards to talk. LA and Thoth chat with Forrest and his mother, who sat in the front row. “Don’t let that ranger bother you,” Forrest’s mother says. “He’s just a sad man who wants to bring people down with him.” Forrest’s mother leaves, and LA and Forrest talk together while Thoth talks with Dave R. and Irena. While LA and Thoth are packing up, LA says: “I was unable to shake my sadness while we played. And my voice is tired from acting.”  They bike home. Eat rice and teriyaki salmon for dinner. Thoth drives with Jim to help him with the car. LA watches The Hunchback. Thoth comes home and eats the rest of the salmon and rice. He gets sleepy. LA takes a shower. Bibi says: “You can borrow my shoulder. Kind of fluffy though. And small.”