22.3.2013 “29 Tickets”

Thoth sketches more of the novel and works on Photoshop 3D. “I’m getting better and better at integrating all these 3D applications,” he mentions to LA when she gets up. LA gets a message from Lauren saying her room is $800 per month in Astoria. LA immediately writes back saying they’ll take it and asks for some pictures. “We’re going to New York City!” LA says jumping around. “I’m trying to stay calm until I know for sure what’s happening,” Thoth remarks. “We’ve had so many disappointments last year through this year.” Jim sends a message saying 29 tickets have already been pre-sold for the show that night. LA talks to her sister on Skype while making a late lunch for herself. Thoth has a banana. He gets in touch with their friend Ross who is coming through San Diego from a film festival in Mexico. Thoth invites Ross to come to the show at Art Lab and stay over for the night. LA and Thoth get dressed at 6. Jim comes home with some new flyers for their next and final show at Art Lab. LA and Thoth bike to Art Lab and get ready. People are already arriving. The room is very warm and the Dynamic Duo sweats a lot during prayformance. Although not the usual standing ovation at the end, the applause is warm. The Dynamic Duo do the “Scottish Song” as an encore. Many people come up to say hello. Anastasia, the woman who runs the San Diego Steampunk convention, chats with LA then with Thoth. “We’d love for you to play at the convention,”