22.4.2013 “Dinner”

Thoth works on some tutorials. LA gets up, repacks her suitcase, makes the bed, and puts together her laundry. She texts her father to see how the studio tracks for the CD are going, then she texts their friend Mel, asking if they are going to dinner tonight. Thoth gets together his laundry and cleans the bathroom. LA heats up some leftover orange salmon pasta for lunch. Thoth makes the rest of the pasta and starts the laundry. They bike to the store for groceries. “I don’t really want to go out tonight,” Thoth says. “Me neither,” LA says. LA cancels the dinner arrangements while Thoth puts away the groceries. LA bikes to Vons to buy a piece of salmon. She has forgotten the bike lock, but a kind lady offers to watch the bike while LA goes into the store.  Back home, LA watches some musicals on Youtube. Thoth is working on Premiere Pro. “Would you like to go to dinner?” Jim asks LA and Thoth when he gets home later. “How about Saltan Banoo?” LA says. LA puts on her long pink wig and they all go to dinner. LA has a salmon wrap and Thoth, a lamb shank. Four children are running around the restaurant.. Back home, LA and Thoth lie in bed and watch The Impossible. “Great movie!” LA says. “It made me feel very uneasy,” Thoth says. “Disaster movies like this always cause you to wonder how you would behave. You never know.” They continue studying. Bibi says: “Can you see me washed away by a tsunami? A nightmare!”