22.5.2013 “One More”

Thoth writes. LA awakes. She and Thoth dress in their light costumes. “It’s supposed to be hot today,” LA says. She and Thoth go to the subway. While they are sitting on the train, a man says to them: “Here are some people who show the light of God, and there is no judgement,” he says. LA and Thoth smile and give him a high five. He and his friend start singing. LA and Thoth clap with them. The two men leave at the next stop. LA and Thoth get off at 72nd street. “It’s really muggy,” Thoth says as they walk across the park. The Boyd choir is singing in the tunnel. Once they finish, LA and Thoth set up in the center. “It’s early,” LA says. Dan R. shows up. “He’s always trying to sneak in,” Thoth laughs. Thoth meditates under his umbrella while LA stretches. Then he stretches with her. The sage ceremony. The Dynamic Duo plays a full set. “We have a long week ahead of us.” LA says after the “Chiado Bolero.” “Maybe we should be finished.” “Yes,” Thoth says. “But I’d like to do ‘Heaven Scent.‘“ Sarah K. shows up just after they finish and start packing away. “Look who’s here?” LA says. They all hug. “One more piece. For her,” LA says. The Dynamic Duo plays the Tango. “I wasn’t expecting to get that much.” Sarah says to them and to LA: “Your voice is so high!”