22.6.2013 “Flash Mob Proposal”

Thoth wakes LA. She puts on makeup. Thoth showers and dresses and they leave for the park. An outdoor festival is taking place at the Bandshell and around Bethesda Terrace. The Boyd Choir is performing. LA does Thoth’s makeup while they wait to play. A few people ask when they will begin and compliment their outfits. A friendly parks enforcement officer says to them: “Do they just play as long as they want to?” “They’ve been here since 10 o’clock,” LA tells the officer about the Afrobats. He gives them a name and phone number to call and complain. “I can’t do anything,” he says. A group of breakdancers start their boom box just as LA and the officer are talking. “There they are,” LA says. “I’ll call my boss,” he says. By the time LA and Thoth begin prayformance, two parks enforcement have stopped the break dancers and they leave. During “The Plucking Song,” someone turns on a boom box very loudly for a moment. “That totally distracted me,” Thoth said. “I was terrified it was the Afrobats,” LA said. A group of people come over and talk to Thoth. “My son is living in your old apartment,” she says. “He’s wanting to move out soon.” A woman comes over. “We’re doing a flash mob proposal and we need you to stop.” she says. “How long?” Thoth says. “If you could just stop for 20 minutes,” the woman says. “That’s way too long,” Thoth says. “You have no right to stop us.” “You can’t play a boom box in the park,” LA says. “We could call the police on you.” “I’m so sorry,” the woman says and leaves. They start the boom box and LA and Thoth hold their ears. “I lost an earring,” LA says. She looks around for it then sits down. “Are you sad about the earring or about the music?” Thoth says. LA shrugs. “Both?” Thoth says. LA nods. When they music stops, they continue playing. When they finish and start packing up, the opera singer girl starts singing at the back of the tunnel. LA runs to the bathroom, stomps loudly down the stairs. “That was great,” Thoth says. “You totally ruined her song.” “Well, and the Afrobats started up their boom box,” LA says. She and Thoth walk to their favorite bench and take a break. Take the train home and get dinner at the grocery store. Two people recognize them. Eat dinner and watch the end of Return of the King. Bibi says: “A mess!”