22.7.2013 “Rainbow Colors”

Thoth works briefly on some projects and gives up. “I feel so hurt about what happened yesterday,“ he tells LA when she gets up. LA goes to Fox and Jane to get her roots touched up. Thoth starts watching films in bed. The lady at the salon who does LA’s hair is very friendly. LA tells her all about her life and about Thoth. After her hair is done, she pays and goes home. Thoth takes a shower. “I was worried when you left and felt sad,” Thoth tells LA. LA goes to the store and gets some food.  Thoth watches Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone while LA puts rainbow colors in her hair. He makes their special salmon dish for dinner, then gets back in bed. LA finishes coloring her hair, takes a shower, and washes the color out. Thoth goes to sleep. LA writes. Bibi says: “Daddy’s not doing well. Let’s jump on his head.”