23.1.2013 “Hair”

Thoth gets dressed in a mini kilt and bikes to a cafe. He drinks an espresso and reads on the patio. LA gets up after the kids leave for school. She washes out the purple in her hair and discovers that some of the hair has turned brown. She goes back to bed. Thoth bikes home when LA gets up again. “I fucked my hair up,” LA whines. She gets dressed and looks on the internet for ways to get the purple out without destroying her hair. She lays her head on the table and cries. Thoth pets her. She continues looking on the internet. “If I try to wash out as much of the color as I can, maybe I can bleach it blonde,” LA says. She bikes to Rite Aid for hair dye and Vons for frozen fruit and orange juice. Comes home and goes to work on her hair. She puts in an entire bottle of bleach. “It’s not changing,” she says. After a half hour, she washes it out. Her hair is back to pink. She ties it in a pony tail and trims the split ends. “I guess I want to go out and play,” she tells Thoth. She puts on make-up and gets dressed. Thoth showers and dresses, too. They bike to Discount Fabrics. The Dynamic Duo plays a few songs. Tony stops on his bikes and listens. He’s excited about opening for then on Friday. “I’ve been sick,” he says. “I hope hoping I’ll be better then.” “whatever you want to do,” Thoth says. LA and Thoth bike to Vons, get dinner, and go home. They eat and watch tennis. LA makes a juice with apples, ginger, carrots and pomegranates; Thoth has one with beets, apples, ginger and a lemon. Bibi says: “Some dreams don’t come.”