23.11.2012 “Lawsuit”

Thoth takes his usual morning walk then works on the Website while drinking coffee. He washes the pile of dishes. LA gets up and checks weather. “It’s gonna be too cold this weekend to play,” she says. She paints curlycues on Thoth’s face again. “I’m sad and distracted about the weather,” she says. They get to the park at 1:30. A lot of people are strolling around. After walking past the bandshell, they stop to stay hi to Bob. “We’ve not seen you around,” a friendly guy says. “We’ve been traveling the world,” Thoth says. “Take them with you,” a nearby skater says, pointing at the break dancers. “No thank you,” Thoth says. “It’s you’re fault they’re here,” the skater says. “That’s not true,” Thoth says. “That makes me angry. Why would you say that? It’s the Afrobats that cause all the problems here.” “It’s because of your lawsuit,” the skater says. “We didn’t have a lawsuit,” Thoth objects. “Why the hell would you be spreading crap like that? You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Yeah really, that’s not cool man,” LA interjects. “Oh I am such a horrible person,” he says sarcastically. “What a horrible thing to say. Why are you being so ridiculous?” “YOU’RE being ridiculous!” Thoth snarls. “Thoth let’s go,” LA says, pulling him away. “You’re an asshole!” Thoth shouts. He and LA walk into the tunnel. No Afrobats. Thoth is fuming while they wait for the Boyds to finish. ”I hate when people say things that are false and don’t seek to find out the truth.” Bobert is hanging around to watch LA and Thoth perform today. The Boyd choir finishes early, and LA and Thoth start setting up. The two Japanese singers who sing with John ask if they can sing a bit more. LA and Thoth assent. In the back of the tunnel, the Japanese singers perform “Nessun Dorma,” “Time to Say Goodbye,” and “Oh Mio Bambino Caro.” A large crowd gathers. Dan R. shows up to photograph the Dynamic Duo. Keeshan comes down to bubble. The Dynamic Duo begins at 3. During “LA’s Waltz,” the Afrobats show up. They turn up their music louder than they have been. “Disappointing and distracting,” Thoth says during the break. “It’s hard sometimes to think that many in our audience will watch them,” LA says. The Afrobats perform a second show. One of the Afrobat thugs walks in front of the tunnel begging for money, and Thoth sings a loud note and drowns him out. Eventually, LA and Thoth have Bethesda Terrace to themselves. People come forward with thankful and inspired words. “People will never say things like that to the Afrobats,” Thoth says. “How about Sake,” Josh R. says while LA and Thoth are packing up. “Sounds great!” Thoth says. Paul and Thoth chat. After packing up, LA, Josh R., Dan R. and Thoth go to midtown for sushi at Kodama. “The best uni I’ve had in a long time,” Thoth exclaims. After the feast, everyone stops at Juniors so Thoth can get some cheesecake. They see a black naked cowboy as they all pass through Times Square. “I wonder how Robert Burck feels about him?“ LA wonders. LA and Thoth say goodbye to Josh R. at the Times Square train station, then to Dan R. at Queensboro Plaza. Having injured his side during the prayformance, Thoth struggles walking home. At home he and LA get undressed and count money. Thoth lies down and LA stays up watching the show Next To Normal. Bibi says: “So cozy!”