23.12.2012 “Ballroom”

Thoth gets up at 4am and works on some computer projects. He wakes LA at 10. LA gets dressed in a tutu. Pouring rain. Nancee drives them to a ballroom in downtown Oakland. LA calls her sister. “I’m on my way,” Jamie says. A DJ doesn’t show up, so Ecstatic Dance ends up not being so ecstatic. “I’m uninspired,” LA says. Jamie doesn’t dance. LA, Thoth and Nancee dance for about an hour and a half, then when they get ready to go home, the energy of the music gets better. LA goes with Jamie to Target and Best Buy, then they go to Jamie’s house and take a long nap. Thoth and Nancee go home. Ted S. visits and brings fermented cabbage and beets. Thoth cooks a vegetable omelet, hash browns, and bockwurst. Ted finds and gives Thoth the “Thoscar” files. Around 5, Jamie drops LA at Nancee’s house. Ted is just leaving and says hello/goodbye to LA. Later, Nancee drops Thoth and LA at Shimizu in Piedmont. LA has chirashi and Thoth has albacore. After dinner they take a cab home. Thoth gets tired while working on the computer. LA stays up watching <i>Rent. Bibi says: “Neverending worry.”