23.2.2013 “I’d Rather Wait”

Thoth does a nasal cleanse and makes coffee, then writes. LA wakes. “I’m panicking,” she tells Thoth. “About what?” Thoth asks. “The ranger,” LA says. LA gets up and gets dressed for the park. She continue’s watching The Hunchback. LA and Thoth ride to the park wearing their costumes. The park is bustling. Thoth sees a park ranger parked at the corner of El Prado. LA goes to their spot. “We’re just finishing a photo shoot. Could we take some pictures of you?” a man asks LA. The photographer takes photos of LA. Thoth arrives at the spot. “What’s going on?” LA says. “A ranger is talking to Greg,” he says.  “Well it can’t be Parrish because Greg won’t talk to Parrish,” LA says. “I forgot that,” Thoth says. “But I’d rather wait until the ranger leaves.” “If he wants to come over and harass us, he will,” LA snaps. “There’s nothing we can do about it. We need to start. I don’t like standing around. We’re most vulnerable when we’re not playing.” Thoth goes to the restroom. LA sits down and takes some deep breaths. Thoth returns, starts the video camera, then the Dynamic Duo begins “Anya.” A large crowd quickly gathers and a bunch of people sit down in the hallway to watch. “I’m having a good time,” LA says, “but we’re not making any money.” During “LA’s Waltz,” LA chooses to modulate the ostenato into the key of B-minor. “Are you ok?” LA asks afterwards. “I’m not