23.3.2013 “Cults”

Thoth writes then watches tennis from Miami. He and Ross drink coffee then Ross heads to the bus. Thoth cuddles with LA when she awakes. She gets up and looks on Facebook. “Lauren still didn’t write back,” LA says. “It’s really hard not to get stressed out about housing. Now we’re waiting to hear back from her and maybe she’ll say no and I should be looking for another place. Or maybe she’ll say yes and I’m wasting my time worrying.” LA writes to Lauren and almost immediately she writes back. “You keep saying “we” she writes. “Is there someone else coming?” LA writes back, saying it’s her and her partner Thoth. Lauren writes back to ask if they can talk on the phone. LA gets a call from her sister. “I quit the New Era Training and Raitis fired me,” Jamie says. LA and Jamie talk for a long time. “It was a cult,” Thoth says, “just as we suspected. Its ironic that everything your family thought would be happening to you is happening to your sister. Remember how your mother was always accusing me of being a cult” LA puts on makeup and gets dressed while she and Thoth talk about cults. Dressed, they bike to the park. “It’s better to be independent,” LA says as they bike. At the park, they set up and begin at 4. A lot of people gather to watch the Dynamic Duo. After “Anya” LA says, “I over sang.” “Are you okay?’ Thoth asks. “I’m fine, but sometimes I overdo it,” LA says. Throughout the prayformance LA is very animated and mobile. At 6, she and Thoth pack up and bike home. “I’m not so worried about money anymore,” LA says. “No reason to be,” Thoth says. “I’m feeling really grateful,” LA says. “Everything and everyone was against us, yet here we are, still together doing this work. We’re successful.” They bike to the Antique Diner but it is closed. Instead they head to Burger Lounge. They have two burgers and some onion rings. On the way home, they stop at Vons for some condiments. LA talks to her sister on Skype then takes a shower. She eats a tuna melt for a late night snack. Thoth works on the model of a Spirit Catcher in Maya. Bibi says: “I’ve lost my touch. Even my coziness cannot soothe an aching shoulder.”