23.4.2013 “Vendors”

Thoth writes. LA wakes and makes a grilled cheese for lunch. Thoth bikes to Ego ID Media. He asks about CD covers but Jim is too busy.  Thoth goes to Art Lab and drills and cuts end pieces for the Spirit Catchers. Thoth goes home frustrated about the lack of CD covers. “One of the reasons I want to do everything myself is that people tend to drop the ball,” Thoth says to LA. He sautés the cod for lunch. LA reads a disturbing Newsday article someone sent her on Facebook. “A new rule designating that buskers as vendors will take effect on May 8th — the first day we’re going to be prayforming in NYC,” LA tells Thoth. “What should we do? This is definitely going to effect us.” “We’ve already bought plane tickets and paid for our first month of rent, we just have to go and deal with it,” Thoth says. LA writes a Facebook entry in their Tribal Baroque page and gets a few odd responses. She reads as many articles about the new rule as she can find. Thoth woks on Premier Pro tutorials. Later LA makes salmon for dinner and Thoth makes some garlic spaghetti. LA cleans up then continues reading articles and writes. Bibi says: “A night of roil.”