23.5.2013 “Deluge”

LA gets orange juice at the supermarket for smoothies. She makes a new headdress while getting dressed. She and Thoth take the subway to Central Park. While they walk to the Angel Tunnel, a drizzle begins. People are gathered in the tunnel. LA and Thoth take their time getting ready. “Hard to start when people are hiding in here to get out of the rain,” Thoth says. He shows Keeshan how to work their video camera. Keeshan wanders around filming the Dynamic Duo. After “Anya,” the rain stops. During “Romanza,” it starts again, harder. A loud thunder clap and deluge ends “LA’s Waltz.” The CDs get wet as the wind blows into the tunnel. The Dynamic Duo finishes their set with the “Plucking Song.” “Bob has come to me several times telling me how amazing you guys are,” Kishan says, giving Thoth back the camera. LA and Thoth wait until the rain stops, then they walk back to the subway. Huge deep puddles cover much of the park. LA walks through the puddles. “Men don’t realize how sensual it is to walk through puddles with open toed sandals,” Thoth observes. “Because they don’t wear them as much as women.” He and LA get things at the grocery store, then go home. Thoth makes salmon for dinner, then he and LA watch District 9. Bibi says: “On the edge.”