23.7.2013 “Mount Posters”

Thoth finishes the new poster. LA dyes her hair pink then washes out the dye. “It’s pretty!” Thoth says. “But why did you dye it after getting it bleached at the hair salon yesterday?” “I want blond roots,” LA explains. Thoth takes a shower, and LA shaves his head and body. The wifi breaks down, and Robert and Jane go to get a new system. LA and Thoth get dressed and go out. They get three copies of the poster at the copy store. Thoth gets a young coconut at Juice Generation and LA gets a acai smoothie. They walk to Michael’s Arts and Crafts. LA gets silver rhinestones, pink parachute cord, and safety pins. Thoth gets foam board and glue spray to mount the posters. He gets a bottle of wine at Whole Foods, then they head home. On the way, they stop at the neighborhood grocery store. At home, Thoth mounts the posters while complaining to LA about some mistakes: “This text block is slightly askew. The pink color is not vibrant enough. The filter made my violin scroll look like it is behind your dress. Nobody may notice, but I do.” Robert and Jane support and encourage Thoth to be even more forward about tips and donations. LA strings her bells with the pink parachute string then she makes macaroni and cheese for dinner. Later, Thoth makes some chicken. He makes chain brushes with his Waccom tablet in Photoshop. LA tries on outfits for tomorrow’s prayformance to match her new pink hair. Thoth goes up to the loft