24.1.2013 “Salk Institute”

Thoth writes then works on the spirit catchers. He gets in bed with LA. “It’s late,“ he says, getting her up. He returns to work on the spirit catchers while LA trims her hair. Later, she makes smoothies and Thoth makes sticky rice. He and LA go to VONS for mangos and coconut milk. At home, Thoth prepares the mango and sticky rice, then fixes the kickstand on LA’s bike. LA eats the mango and sticky rice for a snack. They get dressed. Jim drives them to the Salk Institute. When they arrive, the receptionist taking their names instantly recognizes LA and Thoth. “I saw you in the park with my daughters,” she says. “They loved it.” Jim, LA and Thoth walk around the grounds before going into the concert. Thoth jokes with the pronunciation of the composers names, making LA laughs. They seat themselves in the recital hall. “I hate the acoustics,” Thoth says. “This is the first time I’m listening to a concert for a few years,” LA whispers. The pianist plays a couple of Brahms Hungarian Dance for four hands with the main scientist. “Science meeting art,” Jim says. Afterwards, Jim, LA and Thoth go to the reception and eat various desserts. “It’s my birthday cake,” Jim says of the small tarts. Before heading home, Jim drives LA and Thoth around La Jolla and to the top of Mount Soledad. LA gets car sick.  At home, she has to lie down to recover. Julian and Audrey present Jim with a birthday cake and a huge mess in the sink. Jim goes to bed. “Looks like I’ll have to clean that up,” Thoth says. He eats mango with sticky rice and watches tennis. LA showers and has a sandwich then sits down to write a blog. Bibi says: “Here comes the low pressure. How can I tell? Limp fur.”