24.12.2012 “The Huge Lighted Ficus”

Thoth stretches then works on computer. He wakes LA. They ride the bikes to Target. Pick up presents for Nancee. They stop at Michael’s for some arts and crafts supplies. At home, they put the bikes away and walk next door to get Kombucha and cinnamon bread. They eat and work on computers. Jamie comes over and drives LA and Thoth to Safeway. They buy ingredients for their Christmas Day dinner. Back home, LA and Thoth get dressed for dinner. They walk to Oliveto’s. Their table has a lovely view of Rockridge. “I like having romantic dinners with you,” Thoth tells LA. They share a chicory salad then LA has a tenderloin of beef, and Thoth, swordfish. After eating, they walk back home. They finish wrapping Nancee’s presents and put them beneath the huge lighted ficus. Jamie goes home. Thoth lies down. LA watches videos till late. Bibi says: “Fitted to be sheeted and comforted.”