24.2.2013 “Mom”

Thoth goes to the store and gets clips to repair the straps for the violin cases. Stops at Vons to get a cup of coffee while shopping for fruit and orange juice. At home he cleans the kitchen then watches tennis. LA wakes at 10:30. She explains to Thoth how Jamie shuts down when he lectures her. “I’ll try not to,” Thoth says. ”But she’ll have to show some restraint. Her insecurities cause her to attack people energetically.” Jamie gets up at 11:30. Jamie and LA make smoothies. “What are you going to do today?” LA asks Jamie. “I don’t know,” Jamie responds. “I kind of want o go to the museum.” “I want you to be with us,” LA says. When they finish smoothies, LA and Thoth get dressed. Jim offers Jamie a ride to the park. LA and Thoth head out on bikes. At the park, Thoth bikes around to look for any rangers. He stops to talk with Mariella, a face painter. LA goes to their spot. A man who is playing amplified guitar calls to LA: “Woman! Wife!” He motions for her to come over. “Remember me? I was the guy who saved you guys from the ranger last year,” he says. “My name’s Jesse.” Thoth shows up and talks with him. LA goes to set up. LA sees Forrest and hugs him. “Could you give us a ride home again?” LA asks. “I’d be delighted.” Forrest says. Jesse  gives Thoth all sorts of methods to deal with  the ranger’s threats. “Come on Thoth! Time to play!” LA