24.3.2013 “Friends”

Thoth drinks coffee and writes. When LA wakes, Thoth snuggles with her and puts the babes on her face. She checks Facebook. Still no response from Lauren, the girl they hope to rent from in NYC. LA sends another message, asking her to call when she can. She sends a text to Dave, asking him if the steampunk event is happening. “I’m having a meeting with them on Monday and will get a deposit and ask for a night at the Town and Country in Mission Valley,” he texts. LA calls Andrea’s friend Matthas and tells him she and Thoth are interested in performing at Martha’s Vineyard. “I can’t make any promises,” he says, “but it’s a very artistic community and I have connections to the opera.” LA and Thoth get dressed and bike to the park. It’s a beautiful sunny day. At the park, they check out who is on El Prado, then bike to their spot. A woman working on El Prado follows them. Thoth shows her their CD. “Someone was playing it in Spanish Village,” she says and buys one for herself. She sits down and waits for them to begin. Les comes over on his bike and beams Thoth and LA back to his family inn Canada. Two other fans came over and wait for them to start. As they play, more friends showed up. A woman who saw them last year presses money into LA’s hand. After “Waltz” the Dynamic Duo run to embrace their friend Chris Weir who