24.4.2013 “Beautiful People”

Thoth wakes worried about NYC. He writes. LA gets up at 9:40. She makes something to eat, and she and Thoth get dressed to play. LA cuts and teases her pink wig. As they bike, they feel droplets. “It’s a bad day, let’s not go play,” Thoth says. “But let’s get your headphones.” They stop at the electronics repair shop. “We’re all dressed up,” LA says. “We might as well go to the park. It’s actually nice to bike in this weather.” The park is empty. The Dynamic Duo doesn’t really gather a sizable crowd until the “Gypsy Dance.” A family from Berlin comes forward and buys a CD. The mother’s little girl stares at LA’s hair and grabs her hand. LA and Thoth pack up and excitedly talk about ideas for a new show. “I’m having so many epiphanies,” Thoth says. On the way home, he and LA stop at Senior Mangos for smoothies. A woman gets out of a car and introduces herself to Thoth and LA  “I’m Courtney, the girl who offered you guys a massage.” Thoth gets up and hugs her. Her husband and daughter bring out a CD and a turquoise sharpie for them to sign the cover. “Aren’t they the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen?” Courtney says to her daughter, then tells LA and Thoth: “After the first time I saw you, I was afraid to see you again, because I didn’t know if I could experience in public again what I felt.” LA and Thoth bike to Vons and LA runs in to buy some chicken tenders. The woman at the counter recognizes her from an Art Lab show. “I love your hair, who did it for you?” she asks. “I did,” LA says. “I love the color,” she adds. Thoth talks to a man outside who recognizes him from Brian’s Diner. “Brian’s didn’t close,” the man explains. “It just moved. It’s called Lil B’s now.” LA and Thoth bike home and have the chicken fingers for a snack. They work on computers. LA showers then she and Thoth make dinner. LA watches Frozen and has a late night snack. Bibi says: ”I don’t remember.”