24.5.2013 “Minimum Daily Goals”

Thoth cooks up some garbanzo beans for hummus later. He and LA head to the park. Cold and rainy. “I don’t think I dressed warm enough,“ LA says. A person is playing clarinet in the tunnel. He stops when he sees LA and Thoth. “I’m a big fan,” he tells Thoth. “I’ll only be a little longer.” The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays two pieces. “I can’t do this.” LA says. “Why not?” Thoth says. “It’s freezing,” LA says.  “And, there are no people. It’s exhausting.” “We can be finished if you want,” Thoth says. “I’m fine with that.” They pack up and sit in the middle of the tunnel talking. “I feel guilty when we stop,” LA says. “What you need to remember is that all we have to do is ‘Anya,’” Thoth says. “That’s the minimum daily goal.” Minimum daily goals are the only way to accomplish long term projects.” He and LA walk to the subway and go home. After changing into warmer clothes, they go to the grocery. For a snack, Thoth makes hummus and later for dinner, orange salmon pasta. After eating, he and LA watch movies. Bibi says: “Roll together.”