24.7.2013 “A Sign”

Thoth cuddles LA awake. “I’ve been having a hard morning,” Thoth says. “What’s wrong?” LA says. “I’m scared,” Thoth says. LA gets up and gets dressed. She puts on makeup. Robert gets the internet running. LA and Thoth get dressed and head to the park. Comfortable weather. At the park, LA and Thoth wait in the tunnel to prayform. A group of people are filming a Bollywood music video outside the tunnel on the terrace. Tobi comes over and gives LA a big hug. “How was your weekend?” Tobi asks. “Great! I dyed my hair,” LA says. Tobi goes back to performing with the Boyd Choir. At the bottom of the terrace stairs, Melvin is trying to give the Boyd kids a choreography lesson.The woman with the Bollywood films comes over and sits with Thoth. “What do you do?” she asks him. Thoth shows her the new poster. “When I first saw you,” the woman says to LA, “I thought you were an angel. You look like her.” She points at Bethesda. LA and Thoth set up once the Boyd Choir is finished. A man named Barry comes through the tunnel and asks Thoth if he can play after them. “Dominic and Kendra show up sometimes,” Thoth says. “Oh, I know Dominic,” Barry says. He introduces himself to LA. “I see you guys all the time passing through Strawberry Fields,” he says. Dan shows up. He reads the sign. “You didn’t leave anything out,” he says. When the Dynamic Duo plays, people read the new sign and tip them accordingly. “It’s working!” LA says. “It feels really good to have a sign.” LA and Thoth enjoy singing in the cool air. Barry, the guitarist,