25.1.2013 “Trickle In”

Pouring rain. Thoth moves tools and spirit catchers out of water. LA wakes. “I’m worried no one will show up for the show tonight.” Using an umbrella, LA and Thoth walk to Vons to get food. At home LA makes sandwiches. Thoth sautés salmon for after the performance sandwiches. Thoth drives Jim to Art Lab and borrows the car. LA and Thoth get dressed then drive back to Art Lab at 6. Tony is warming up. The Hausmann Quartet shows up. Thoth runs around making sure everyone is comfortable.  LA and Thoth put on their bells. People slowly trickle in. “How’s the audience?” LA asks Jim. “It’s pretty thin,” he says. LA sits in the chair with her head hanging. “Come on, Young Lady!” Thoth says petting her. “People will come.” “I don’t want to play to an empty house,” LA whines. “You won’t,” Thoth says. “Five people are here, at least.” Tony opens the show. The quartet starts around 8. LA and Thoth stretch and move to the Debussy in the back. After three pieces, the Hausmann Quartet moves to the back and sets up to play one more—Bach’s last piece. The Dynamic Duo dances up the isle and stands in stillness until the piece dwindles off. All the seats are taken. The audience cheers after each piece. LA  talks more during breaks.  After the “Wet Tango,” the audience gives the Dynamic Duo a standing ovation and cheers for more. The “Scottish Song” ends the show. LA and Thoth bring out CDs and spirit catchers to the stage and have an hour long Q&A session with the audience. They sell two spirit catchers and some CDs, then pack up and go home with Jim. At home, Thoth prepares salmon sandwiches and he and LA eat supper. Thoth passes out on the couch with a glass of wine while LA watches Bobby McFerrin videos on Youtube. Bibi says: “After having giving so much, a weary body is eased by my furry cuddles.”