25.11.2012 “A Crystal Singing Bowl”

Thoth takes a morning walk. The temperature is frigid. He buys some coffee and returns home to study tutorials on Dreamweaver. “I’m exhausted,” LA says when she gets up. They drink smoothies then get dressed and head to the park. “I don’t know if we can do this,” LA says as they walk towards the subway. “Cold today!” At the park, she and Thoth see a crowd hanging over the balcony looking down at the Angel Fountain. “It’s the Afrobats,” Thoth says. “Damn, they’re in front of the fountain,” LA says as she and Thoth walk into the tunnel. The Boyd choir is just packing up and Shige is set up in the back. He asks LA and Thoth if he can sing some more. ”Of course,” LA says. After finishing one show, the Afrobats leave. LA and Thoth say hello to Paul then begin setting up while Shige sings familiar opera arias. The Afrobats return. “I don’t even recognize them, they’re so bundled up,” LA says. A wedding party is now blocking the fountain, so the Afrobats are forced to set up in their usual spot. After barking for several minutes and failing to gather a crowd, they give up and leave. “I almost feel sorry for them,“ LA says as they slink away. Goddess of Gypsies shows up with a crystal singing bowl. She plays it, filling the tunnel