25.12.2012 “A Small Umbrella”

Thoth takes a light run. Nancee leaves for her friends house to open presents. Jamie rings doorbell. “You need to wait until Nancee and I leave,” Thoth tells her. “Sorry! I guess you didn’t hear me say that last night.” Jamie leaves. Nancee returns. Thoth says, “It’s late maybe we should do our Christmas tonight and go to Deborah’s now.” Nancee agrees. Thoth wakes LA. “Your sister’s here,” he says. “Nancee, you and I are going to do Christmas later tonight.” Nancee drives Thoth to Walnut Creek. Jamie comes in and gets LA up. They make sausage biscuits. Thoth chats with Nancee’s friends, Deborah, Lucinda, and Roger while helping to make the brunch of scrambled eggs. LA and Jamie go to see Les Misérables and pick up their tickets at Will Call. The theater is packed. Thoth sings and plays a piece for everyone as a Christmas gift. Nancee takes Thoth to BART. Heavy rain when he gets off the train. In Rockridge, he stays beneath an awning for about an hour waiting for the rain to lighten. He buys a small umbrella in an open store and walks the mile home. At home he starts preparing dinner. “The movie was great,” LA and Jamie agree after leaving the theater. LA and Jamie walk back to the car in the rain and drive home. “You’re beginning dinner already?” LA asks. “I want to be relaxed,” Thoth says. LA gets upset when Jamie treats her adorned headphones roughly