25.3.2013 “A Contract”

Thoth goes to the store for various supplies: ear buds for he and LA; a USB charger; some nasal cleansing salt; razors; and coffee. LA wakes to the phone ringing then goes back to sleep. Thoth returns home and writes. The phone rings again and Thoth jumps up to get it. It’s Dave Roger and he has a contract from the Steampunk Convention for the Dynamic Duo to sign. He says. “Come by Art Lab after 4.” LA checks voicemail and finds a message from Michael C. She replays the message for Thoth. She gets up and checks Facebook. A few people have posted some fabulous photos of the Dynamic Duo. Thoth gets in the shower. LA gets a call from Joe, a man she called yesterday about Martha’s Vineyard. “My friend in Martha’s Vineyard is interested in you guys but it probably won’t be until next year that she can book you,” he says.  They receive a text from Chris W: “We’re on our way. We made a reservation.” Chris and his friend Courtney pick them up and they drive to Harney Sushi in Old Town. They are shown to a cozy booth in the back and Chris’ friends — the three German girls Zora, Lena, and Sonja — meet them there. “You look so pretty,” LA says to Zora. “I’m dressed this way to honor you,” she says. LA orders too much and shares most of her sushi with Thoth and Chris. Thoth orders uni, ikura, and black cod. “Delicious!“ everybody agrees. After eating, they all hug goodbye. Courtney and Chris drive LA and Thoth back to Art Lab. They all go into Ego Id Media to say hello to Jim, then next door to Art Lab where Dave is working. He prints off the contract  while LA and Thoth say goodbye to Chris and Courtney. Thoth signs the contract. They grab some cards and walk across the street to Andrea Rushing’s studio to ask his permission to use his painting for their new CD cover. “I would be delighted,” Andrea says. LA and Thoth walk home. Julian and his girlfriend are lying on the grass out back. LA and Thoth finish their laundry. LA talks to her sister on Skype. She shows LA some videos of The Who. LA listens to her dad’s old band, Starz. Lauren finally calls. She asks: “Would you be ok paying $1000? It wouldn’t be fair for my roommate to pay half when there will be three people in the apartment.” LA talks with Thoth about it. “That’s what I thought would happen,” Thoth says. “Are you ok with it?” LA inquires. “Yes,” Thoth says. LA looks on Craigslist again but everything she finds says “no couples.” LA calls Michael C. back. Michael C. tells them an article about him just came out in the Diablo Magazine. She goes on Facebook and watches videos of The Who as well as videos of her dad’s band, Starz. She shares it with her sister on Skype. She looks on her mom’s Facebook page and finds a video of a song she hasn’t heard since she was little. She sends it to her sister. Thoth works on Photoshop 3D tutorials then does a few 3D sculpts in Sculptris. LA spends the rest of the evening listening to childhood music and sending links to her sister. She takes a shower. Bibi says: “Relaxation is in the embrace.”