25.4.2013 “Track Names”

Thoth drinks coffee and writes. LA wakes and listens to the studio roughs for the new CD. Thoth works on the CD cover. They drink a smoothie. Take a bike ride to the post office, the fabric shop, and the grocery store. LA gets some chicken tenders. At home, she eats then continues listening to the studio roughs.  Thoth gets an email with good news from their friend Sarah K. about the new park rules. The president of the Conservancy said Thoth was welcome in the tunnel and that the rules are more focused on amplified music. “How about you get a signed letter from him?” Jim suggests when LA tells him. LA gives Thoth the potential pieces and he listens to them. “Let’s use the studio version of the ‘c-minor’ instead of the live.  Although I like the audience reactions, it is messy just before the fortissimo.” LA and Thoth decide on track names. They have a late dinner. LA makes a grilled cheese, Thoth an omelet. LA showers then watches the first part of “Merlin” on Youtube. Bibi says: “Tickle tickle.”