25.5.2013 “About Respecting Others”

Thoth looks at the weather report and it says the afternoon will be better than first reported. Thoth wakes LA. “I don’t want to get up,” LA says. “I have some good news,” Thoth says. “The weather report says zero percent rain while we are performing.” He and LA dress warmly and head to the Angel Tunnel. The Boyd choir is singing. Paul is sitting in the wings. “We’ve missed you,” LA says to Paul. Rain begins. People huddle into the tunnel. The choir stops, and LA and Thoth set up. A group of people stand around curious to see what LA and Thoth will do. “We’re starting at 3 o’clock,” LA yells. Most people leave. A guy is making bubbles in the wings. “Do you hear that?” LA says. A man brings a boom box into the tunnel and plays it while a girl lip-syncs to the track in front of the bubble guy. A bunch of people watch the girl lip-syncing and clap when she finishes. “I’m really annoyed.” LA says to Thoth. “It’s hard to take the tunnel today.” A bunch of young people are standing in the middle of the tunnel. “Could you please move to either side?” LA says. The Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance. Rain comes on and off. “Well I guess that’s the meaning of zero percent,” Thoth says after “Romanza.” “Better than what we expected yesterday, in any event.”  People gather in the tunnel during Thoth’s solo. A man distracts Thoth at the coda of the “C Minor.” He approaches the Dynamic Duo and says: “We have a permit to do a wedding here.” “That doesn’t mean you have a permit to be rude to us and stop us,” Thoth says. He lectures the