25.7.2013 “Stamina, Energy And Death”

Thoth pets LA awake. LA puts on makeup. Thoth takes a shower and dresses. They go out. “It’s freezing!” LA says. At the bandshell, they say hello to Kishan while some breakdancers perform. “Did you get my text?” he asks LA. “No, my phone was off,” LA says. “I let you know to dress warm,” Kishan says. Dominic and Paul are waiting in the tunnel. LA and Thoth chat with them. The Boyd Choir, only John, Abraham, and Tobi, are performing. During a break, Tobi comes over and sits with LA and Thoth. Dominic plays for an hour after the choir finishes. The Dynamic Duo sets up. Michael stops by after “Romanza” and tells Thoth tales of his adventures with various musicians using amplification. Dominic returns during “Plucking Song” and waits to play some more after the Dynamic Duo is finished. LA and Thoth pack up and pull their things to the side. Dominic plays but breaks his last string and leaves. LA and Thoth talk with Paul about stamina, energy and death, then make a video and walk to the subway and head home. They grab some groceries at the neighborhood supermarket. At home, Thoth makes macaroni and cheese. He works on a Photoshop illustration. LA watches videos on her computer. Bibi says: “Cheeky is a bouncy girl. I like slip-sliding.”