26.1.2013 “Cramped”

Heavy wet fog. Thoth watches replays from the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. LA gets up and starts getting dressed. She and Thoth bike to the park but heavy drizzle turns them back. They meet Jim driving his car. “Do you want to take the car?” Jim offers. “We’ll see when we get back,” they say. At home, they take off bells and relax. “We have a show tonight, there’s no reason to go to the park,” Thoth says. LA eats lunch. At 6, they borrow Jim’s car and drive to the party. A fluffy kitty walks up to Thoth wanting attention. LA pets him. In the house, they both sit on a comfy chair together and listen to the conversations. “I watched a bunch of your videos last night.” someone says. “I loved your show last night,” someone else says. Ben, the man who set up the gig, says they can start whenever they want. “One of the bands cancelled.“ LA and Thoth get up to get ready and a few people clap. LA puts on her headdress in the bathroom. The Dynamic Duo plays their four piece set in the cramped front part of the room. They are extremely energetic but the audience is not. After finishing, they put their violins away and LA takes off all her undergarments because they are so hot. Thoth gets some of the homemade Pad Thai, and he and LA eat in the doorway while listening to the next group, a jug band. LA sits on the couch. Thoth goes outside.  A woman buys a CD. “Sometimes people don’t know what to do with us,” LA says to Thoth. “They’re scared of us.” “That’s why it is taking longer for us to gain renown,” Thoth says. When the jug band finishes, he and LA get their violins, pack up, and put everything in the car. They talk with people and Ben gives them a percentage of the tip money. Thoth drives them home. He stops at the Family Mexican restaurant to get a taco. LA makes a sandwich out of the leftover salmon for dinner. Thoth takes a nap then watches tennis. LA watches videos on the internet. Heavy rain. Bibi says: “Tired or wired.”