26.11.2012 “Next Door”

Thoth walks around the neighborhood. He gets coffee and returns home to study and write. Wakes LA at 11. “I don’t want you getting used to sleeping in,” he says. They take their laundry and dirty sheets to the laundromat. A kind client and the owner help them get detergent and put their clothes in the wash. LA and Thoth walk quickly to Key Food for salmon, onion, rolls and bubble water. On the way home they stop at the laundromat to put the clothes in the dryer. At home, Thoth preps lunch. They walk back to the laundromat, fold clothes, and go home. LA packs while Thoth finishes making the grilled salmon sandwiches. After eating in the kitchen, LA and Thoth finish packing, and he and LA take their bags down the stairs. They walk with bags to the subway, carry them up the stairs, take the train to 59th and Lexington, transfer to an empty 6 train, and take it to Astor Place. They walk towards Avenue A on St. Mark’s Place. “This is my favorite area!” LA says as they walk. They find Alexandra’s apartment building and go into Luca Bar next door where they work on their computers and wait for her to get home. At 8, LA goes next