26.12.2012 “Alcoholic”

Thoth stretches his sore knee. He makes coffee and works on the computer. He sees a FedEx truck parked outside. He opens the front door and finds a box on the doorstep addressed to LA. He puts the box on the bed next to her then returns to work. LA gets up and opens the box. It is her new MacBook Air. She takes it downstairs and sets it up. LA and Thoth go next door to get bagels and Kombucha. LA receives an email from her mother, criticizing her for telling her grandmother that she is an alcoholic. Later in the afternoon, Jamie shows up. “I slept all day,” she yells. She takes LA to Emeryville. She tells LA about what their mother tried to do. Thoth continues working on the Website. Jamie gets some soup. She and LA look at books in Barnes and Noble. then go back home. LA and Jamie watch Alien 2 and Crash. LA heats up some tomato bisque and makes bagels for Jamie and her. They finish watching the movies. Thoth eats the leftover chicken. “I need to sleep in my own bed,” Jamie says and leaves. LA begins watching Alien. Bibi says: “Neverending early wake-up call.”