26.2.2013 “Each Babe Sings”

Thoth goes to Vons and gets coffee while shopping for supplies to make birthday cupcakes for LA. He gets bagels also. At home, he cleans the kitchen and begins cooking. The beeping oven wakes LA briefly. “I smell something,” LA says when waking again. Thoth comes over and each babe sings “Happy Birthday” to her in their own little voices. LA gets up and sees strawberry cupcakes on the counter. “You made me cuppies, Bunny!” she screams. Thoth gives her 25 spankings. Jamie gets up. She is talking to Dad about last night with Mom. They call Mom and arrange to go to the Museum of Man at the park. “I just want to stay home until dinner,” LA says. LA, Thoth and Jamie bike to Vons. Thoth buys things to make icing for LA’s cupcakes. They also get a cake for Jamie. Bike home. LA calls her mom. “We’re gonna hang out here until tonight,” she says. They make bagels and smoothies for lunch. Jamie calls her mom and asks if Jim can come to the birthday dinner tonight. Her mom says yes. LA and Jamie take a bike ride to Lestat’s while Thoth works on the EPK. Jamie buys LA a drink, and they sit and talk. Thoth makes the icing for the cupcakes. LA and Jamie bike over to see Andrea. He’s not working at his studio, so they bike home. LA watches videos on Youtube until time to get dressed for dinner. She, Jamie and Thoth get dressed up in heels. Jim drives them to pick up LA and Jamie’s mother, Caroline at the hotel. Caroline clearly appears unsteady and foggy, slurring her words. Jim drives everyone to the Hotel