26.3.2013 “We Can’t Accept Couples”

Thoth continues organizing and sketching the novel while drinking coffee. LA gets up. She gets a text from Lauren saying her landlord won’t let her sublet. ”Why did she ask?” Thoth says. “Now I have to start looking again,” LA says. She and Thoth post on Facebook, letting their New York friends know what’s going on. LA checks Gypsy Housing and Craigslist. She quickly finds another place in Astoria and sends them a message. “Do you want to take a walk down in the canyon?” Thoth asks. He and LA hike down the sandy slope and deep into a grove of eucalyptus trees. They stop when the path ends, sit on a fallen tree, and rest. They hike back. Both are sweating when they get home. LA looks for a reply on Facebook. Thoth takes a shower. “Sorry, we can’t accept couples!” The message says. LA finds another place in Astoria that is expensive, but she gets a quick response. They are open to LA and Thoth having a third roommate. LA calls their friend Hugh, then her sister to see if either is interested. Jamie is uncertain. LA keeps looking for places. “I’m taking a break,” LA announces. She watches more videos of Starz on Youtube and listens to music. At 7:30, she and Thoth bike to the Antique Diner for dinner. LA has a chicken fingers sandwich and Thoth, grilled catfish. Thoth stops for some ice cream. Back at home, LA keeps looking for housing. Then she listens to music and writes the blog. Thoth works on Photoshop 3D. LA showers. Bibi says: “Where do we go from here?”