26.4.2013 “Selfish”

Thoth works on the art for the “Heaven Scent” CD. LA wakes and continues listening through the all the tracks. Thoth saws dowels for the spirit catchers. LA come outside and says: “You don’t get to sing by yourself. I’m always singing over you.” “I’ve been trying to tell you that,” Thoth says. “But you do it less now than you did at first.” “I never really realized it until now,” LA says. “I’m going to try and take my voice out of some parts.” She goes back inside and listens to the rest of the CD. Thoth comes inside and works on Premiere Pro tutorials on his computer. “I’m so selfish, why do you put up with me?” LA asks Thoth. “You ask that a lot,” Thoth says. LA starts to cry. “I”m sorry I’m so selfish,” LA says. Thoth goes to her and hugs her. “This CD is a lesson,” Thoth says. “All lessons are hard.” He and LA get dressed. LA puts on her pink wig. They bike to Balboa Park. The front is too full of performers for them to play up there, so they go back to their patio spot and set up. Chuck and his girlfriend show up. “We’re late,” Thoth says. Chuck and his girlfriend go sit on the grass. While the Dynamic Duo plays “Romanza,” two women come dance on the grass, one with a hula hoop. “Thank you for dancing,” Thoth tells them. They hug LA and Thoth. Most of the audience sits on the grass in the sun. “I’m feeling frustrated,” LA complains. “I love singing, but we need to make money. We’re not making a lot these days.” Andrea and her daughter Bella show up.