26.5.2013 “Pissed Off”

Thoth does nasal cleanse, makes coffee, and edits some writing. He goes to the store to get orange juice. LA awakes and Thoth cuddles with her. He expresses how irritated he is about everything right now. “I am very dangerous,” Thoth says. “The experience in the tunnel yesterday really upset me.” They get up. LA is undecided how she should get dressed. “How warm is it?” she asks. “Warmer than yesterday but still chilly,” Thoth responds. They head to the park. The Boyd choir has just finished when LA and Thoth arrive at the Angel Tunnel. Vasily and Julia, the bassist and cellist, are performing classical covers as LA and Thoth get ready in the wings. “I want to set a performance rule for this space,” Thoth remarks. “Sets should be composed of non-repeated pieces, preferably not covers. I’m tired of Mozart, Pachelbel and Bach. I love them, but I’m tired of hearing them over and over and over. How many times can you hear this music? We’re playing original music. You can hear Mozart everywhere. And better than this. And why is everyone playing with a boom box?” John, the violist, shows up around 3. “When do you guys finish?” he asks. “We’re going to play from 3 – 5,” LA says. John Boyd comes over and says hello. “They’ll be finished around 3,” he says about Julia and Vasily. At 3:10, LA motions to Vasily that it is past 3. They don’t stop. “Can we play another?” he asks. LA rolls her eyes. “We’re setting up,” Thoth says to LA. They set up in front of the string players. Upon pausing, Julia and Vasily ask to play another.