27.1.2013 “Brings Some People”

Thoth begins watching the replay of the final from the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. LA gets up and dresses in her costume. She and Thoth bike to the park. They set up. A young man wanders towards them and waits for them to begin. “More people are starting to be aware of us playing here,” Thoth observes. Rebecca, the young woman who is a face painter, brings some people to see them. LA explains the permit process to one of them while Thoth finishes up in the bathroom. Despite the emptiness of the park, a huge crowd gathers and continues growing throughout the prayformance. The Dynamic Duo adds a lot more harmonic singing to their musical dialogue. “Meditation” is particularly beautiful. When they are finished, Chet comes to say hello and chat. LA and Thoth bike home. They take off their costumes and bells. “Let’s go to the Burger Lounge,” LA suggests. She and Thoth bike to Kensington. Both order lounge burgers and share a Caesar salad. “I’m not as hungry as I thought,” Thoth says, leaving his fries. On the way home, they stop to look at the menu of a romantic French restaurant. Back home, LA watches a documentary called Ocean of Fear while Thoth finishes watching the tennis match. Bibi says: “I have a cozy predictability quotient (CPQ) of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.”