27.11.2012 “A Gothic Boutique”

Rain. Thoth goes for a walk around St. Mark’s Place and finds a café called Bean around the corner. LA wakes at 11. “I found a really cute cafe,” Thoth says. LA plays with the kitten in the living room. She and Thoth pack up their computers and walk to the cafe. Thoth orders a Chai. “I hope the dairy doesn’t get me sick,” Thoth says. LA orders a smoothie and a toasted bagel with cream cheese. They work on computers. <em>Flight</em> starts at 4:10,” Thoth says. At 3:20, they rush back to the apartment, put their computers away, borrow an umbrella, and walk to a movie theater at Union Square. Buy tickets, go in, and watch the film. “My mother should see this,” LA says during the credits. They go outside but Thoth has forgotten his gloves so he runs back upstairs to get them. They stop at a gothic boutique to check out all the clothes. “I wish we could shop here for our costuming,” Thoth comments. “Funny how well we fit into this style. Unfortunately, the gothic community in general doesn’t have any interest in our music.” “We’re kind of the same thing but completely opposite,” LA adds. “We’re more Thothic,“ Thoth says and laughs. He and LA stop at Famiglia’s for pizza. ”Expensive for pizza,” Thoth remarks. They stop at Pinkberry then at an Indian restaurant where they share Tandoori chicken. At home, Thoth takes a nap while LA works on her computer. The kitten sleeps on the couch next to her. Thoth gets up and begins working on WordPress tutorials. At 12:30, they pull the couch out. Bibi says: “Firm but cumfy. Nice for my fluffy butt.”