27.12.2012 “Headlands”

Thoth gets up early and studies. LA and he get dressed to prayform at the tunnel in the Marin Headlands. Charles and his son, Jack pick them up at 12 and they drive over the Bay Bridge. LA begins to feel nauseous. Charles pulls the car over in San Francisco. LA and Thoth walk to a pharmacy and get some motion sickness medicine for LA. LA takes two chewable pills. They continue the drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and up into the hills. Because the day is clear, many tourists are wandering around the headlands, taking pictures and enjoying the view. LA sits down on a bench and people ask to take her picture. Jack sits with LA while Charles and Thoth go to explore the different tunnels. LA and Jack get up to find them, then they all walk back to get gear and violins. In the tunnel, Charles and Jack set up recording gear while LA and Thoth tune-up and set up to prayform. “I feel groggy,” LA says. “I can barely keep my eyes open.” “Must be the medicine,” Thoth says. The Dynamic Duo gathers a large crowd when they start “Anya.” They do five pieces. Afterwards, Charles takes some still shots of them without instruments. They all pack up and Charles drives them through Marin to El Sobrante. Charles drops Jack and the gear at their home. Charles takes LA and Thoth to a Thai restaurant for dinner. LA has Pad Thai and Thoth, stuffed chicken wings. After eating, Charles drives them home. LA reads some emails then Nancee drives her to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries. Thoth works on his computer while LA finishes watching Alien. LA writes some blogs. Bibi says: “Cozy night.”