27.3.2013 “Slaps Her Rear”

Thoth watches tennis and backs up all files. LA wakes crying. “I had to two scary nightmares,” LA tells Thoth. LA continues scouring the internet for housing in NYC. She gets a call from a woman named Wendy from Martha’s Vineyard. They talk for a while. “She’s interested in helping get us gigs in Martha’s Vineyard for next year,” LA tells Thoth. They get dressed and get ready to go to the park. “I’m frazzled from looking for a place,” LA says. She and Thoth bike to the park. Beautiful day. LA and Thoth set up leisurely. The Dynamic Duo plays two pieces. A little boy watches from behind a pillar. After a piece, he runs behind LA and slaps her rear end. LA sees the boy’s mother scold him and bring him back over to LA to apologize. “He reminds me of one of my cousins,” LA says.  The Dynamic Duo plays a few more pieces. Great crowds for a weekday. “I don’t want to stop!” LA says. She and Thoth pack up. LA tries a 5/8 rhythm and Thoth shows her some others, including a syncopated 9/8. They bike back home. Stop at Sprouts for some salmon and cod then at Senior Mangos for smoothies. At home, LA checks her email. One of the roommate contacts in NYC writes to say they have looked at the Tribal Baroque Website. “Your music is AMAZING!” she has written. LA asks her more questions about the room for rent and talks to Thoth about it. Thoth cooks fish sandwiches for dinner. LA cleans dishes and they settle down to their computers. LA takes a shower. Bibi says: “Another place another space.”