27.4.2013 “Collect Money”

Thoth makes coffee then writes while watching tennis from Barcelona. He works on the Spirit Catchers. LA wakes. “We’ll need to eat early because we have a late play tonight,” Thoth suggests. They take a bike ride to see what’s going on with Adams Avenue Unplugged and to get food. A band is performing in front of the Fabric Store. “Do we have to  que up?” Thoth asks the assistant sound engineer from Lestat’s. “We have another group lined up in an hour, but nothing after that.” he says. “We’d like to play at 6,” Thoth says. On the way back, People recognize LA and Thoth as they stop at corner. “I’m a student of Andrea’s,” a woman says. “I’ve always wanted to see you. Are you performing?” LA tells her. She and Thoth park their bikes at a closed off street and walk around. They buy lemonade to share. While unlocking their bikes, they see Jim’s former girlfriend, Pam, and say hello. Bike to Vons. Police cars are surrounding a bad accident out front. LA and Thoth buy sandwiches for lunch. They eat them beside the Art Lab stage while their friend, Tom and his band set up. “I don’t want to play back here, LA complains. “It’s dead.” “Go talk to Jim about it,” Thoth says. LA goes into Art Lab. “Jim, I really don’t wanna play out back, there’s no resonance. Could we play in here?” LA asks. “I don’t mind,” Jim says. “I’ll talk to Dave,” he says. LA and Thoth bike home. Thoth takes a nap and LA watches Lion King the musical. Later, she gets dressed, and teases and sprays her pink wig so it’s sticking straight up. Thoth gets dressed. He and LA bike to the Fabric Store. Tom, his two children, and their dog, Cinderella, meet them there. LA and Thoth set up and a huge crowd already starts gathering to watch. The Dynamic Duo play “Anya.” People whistle and cheer when they finish. LA is very animated, doing a lot more theatrics. “Have you already played Fucking Song?” a young man asks. “You mean the Plucking Song?” LA corrects. “No, we haven’t played it yet.” The man cheers and everyone laughs. Big crowds block the sidewalk and watch from across the street, cheering for every song. A bus passes slowly with the door open to listen. The Dynamic Duo finishes with a passionate “Tango.” “We’ll be playing at Art Lab at 9pm tonight,” Thoth tells the audience. He and LA pack up and a few people come back to say how much they loved the show. While LA talks to Dennis, a photographer friend, a drunk woman approaches and says: “What do you do besides collect money?” “We perform,” LA says. “Do something for me,” the woman says. “No thanks,” LA says. “I bet it’s stupid,” the drunk woman spits and leaves. LA and Thoth bike to Art Lab. Groups of people on the sidewalk cheer as they pass. LA and Thoth ring their bike bells. At Art Lab, a huge audience is watching a blues band. “Are you alright about playing out here now?“ Thoth asks. LA looks at the audience and nods her head. Many people have been asking Dave and Jim when the Dynamic Duo will be playing. People congratulate LA about her hair. Around 9, Dave clears the stage and sets up mics. Jim introduces Tribal Baroque. The Dynamic Duo plays another great set. LA hams it up with the violin making people giggle and Thoth smile during the “Tango.” The audience gives them a standing ovation. The Dynamic Duo plays “The Scottish Song” for an encore. Jim passes a hat shaped like a brain to collect money for them. “The brain must be fed,” he says. As LA and Thoth pack up, people come up and congratulate them and buy CDs. “We could get famous so easily,” LA says. “People love us.” LA and Thoth bike home and eat waffles. LA showers and Jim comes home. “One of our best days in San Diego,” Thoth tells Jim. LA counts the money. Thoth makes himself an omelet. He and LA work on the computers until late. Bibi says: “I’m pulling Daddy into bed. See how strong I am.”