27.7.2013 “Crackle With Distortion”

Thoth makes coffee and works on some illustrations. “I slept terribly,” he tells LA when she wakes. “I spent all night arguing with the Afrobats.” LA and Thoth get dressed. Thoth watches tennis from Switzerland while finishing his make up. He and LA head to the park. The weather is very comfortable. “What’s that?” Thoth asks as they near the bandshell. A full band is performing a concert. “The Afrobats will be down at the angel for sure,” LA remarks as she and Thoth approach the tunnel. “You’re right,” Thoth says. “Look at all the people standing on the bridge.” Powerhouse and his crew are performing at the top of the stairs. “They’re not so loud,“ Thoth observes, “I wonder if they are respecting the show in the bandshell.” In the Angel Tunnel, the Boyd Choir is sitting down while the loud amplified music blares through the tunnel. “We’re surrounded,” LA observes. LA and Thoth call Parks Enforcement. Thoth complains about the lack of enforcement. An NYPD police car slowly circles the angel. Thoth goes to talk to them. “Maybe they have a permit,” one officer says. “They don’t,” Thoth says. Tobi, the violist for the Boyd Choir, comes over and talks to LA. The Afrobats turn up their boom box to full volume. The edges of the sound crackle with distortion. “I think they’re being malicious,” LA says. “I think it’s a bad choice for them,” Tobi retorts. “They’re trying to get rid of us, but we’re not going anywhere.” “Instead of working