28.1.2013 “Tatters”

Thoth cleans all the dishes and begins a new story. LA gets up at noon. “I feel on edge,” Thoth says. “Like something terrible is about to happen.” “Yesterday you were feeling so good,” LA responds. She and Thoth bike to Ego ID. Cold breezy day. LA and Thoth borrow Jim’s car and drive to Sushi Loco for lunch. LA gets the sushi special and Thoth the sushi-sashimi special. Thoth drives them back to Ego ID to return the car, then they bike home. Thoth washes all the clothes. Jim gets home and announces: “I’m taking the day off tomorrow to show you guys around a bit.” “I’m scared of getting car sick,” LA says. She watches videos, and Thoth works on the Website. Thoth gets the clothes out of the dryer, and LA discovers that her favorite dress has been destroyed. “I loved this dress,” LA cries, holding up the tatters of the pink gauze. Bibi says: “Quiet repose. Bang! Whoops!”