28.11.2011 “Devil Worshippers”

Thoth goes to Bean to get coffee and two muffins. Sitting in the corner, he downloads more tutorials and looks at the projected weather. He returns to the apartment and writes. LA wakes at 10:45. “It’s a pretty nice day,” Thoth tells her. “I didn’t even need to wear gloves when I went out.” “I want to go play,” LA says. They get dressed as warmly as they can—three layers. They buy water at 7/11. “Have I seen you on TV?” the cashier asks. “We’ve been on TV,” Thoth says. “But we’re going to perform in Central Park.” “I want to go see you,” she says. “How do you know if we’re any good?” Thoth laughs. “You look amazing,” she says. LA and Thoth walk next door and buy Nag Champ and sage incense. Then they stop at KMart. “I can hear Santa Clause coming!” a teenage boy says to his friends. “Clever,” Thoth says sarcastically to him. “Why are you guys dressed in Halloween costumes?” the young man continues. “Stupid people always run in packs.” LA says to Thoth. They pick out a small candle then go into the subway and take the 6 train to Hunter College. Walk towards the park. A stiff breeze almost blows them over as they cross 5th Avenue. The park is dead and the bathrooms closed. No one is performing in the tunnel.