28.12.2012 “Keys”

LA and Thoth take a bike ride to Piedmont Springs. They have to put the bikes in Piedmont’s gated alleyway because they forgot the bike locks. Thoth calls Nancee to ask if she can bring their bike locks. LA and Thoth are ushered into a combo room with a hot tub and sauna. They take off their clothes and get into the hot tub. LA spends most of her time in the hot tub while Thoth sweats in the sauna. After their time is up, LA and Thoth shower and get dressed. At the desk, a counterperson gives them their backpack with bike locks. LA and Thoth bike to Shimizu for sushi, but it is closed. They bike home. Jamie comes over, and LA makes a turkey wrap for lunch. Everyone works on computers. A little while later, LA and Jamie take a drive to Berkeley Bowl to shop for groceries. Thoth stays home and works on the Website. Jamie gets in the grocery cart and LA pushes her around. After buying all the things on the shopping list, they go outside and pet a dog leashed to a pole. A housemate of Jamie’s shows up, and they all talk about Burning Man and babies. LA and Jamie put the groceries in the trunk. Jamie locks the car, then yells: “I locked the keys in the trunk.” LA and Jamie start walking back to Jamie’s house. The housemate pulls over and asks if they need a ride. They hop in and he drives them to the house. Thoth tells Nancee that he is worried about