28.2.2013 “Car Sick”

Thoth makes coffee then watches tennis. LA feels Jamie’s hand on her head. “Bye,” she says. Jim takes Jamie to the airport. Thoth sews the straps onto LA’s violin case. Susanna calls to say she is going to set up the house for their show on Saturday. LA wakes and Thoth asks her if she wants to go. LA does. Thoth sends Susanna a text message saying they’d like to go with her. LA makes smoothies. An hour later, Susanna and her friend, Andrea, pick them up. They drive to the host’s house in Carlsbad. LA and Thoth decide where they’ll play and rearrange a few chairs, then they all chat before leaving. “I like you already,” the host, Evelyn, says. On the way home, they hit traffic. When they pull onto Adams Avenue, Thoth reaches for LA. “Are you okay?” Thoth asks LA. “I’m car sick,” she says. “I need to get out.” Susanna pulls over and LA sits down. “We’re going to walk home,” Thoth says. Susanna and Andrea wave goodbye. “I feel better,” LA says as they walk. At home, LA counts money then she and Thoth work on computers. Later, they bike to Vons and buy frozen fruit, orange juice, salmon, and rice. At home, Thoth poaches the salmon and LA makes the rice. Jim comes home and they eat dinner. Thoth goes to bed and LA watches <i>The Legend of 1900. Bibi says: “Gurgling stomach keeping me awake.”