28.3.2013 “Pack”

Thoth goes shopping for supplies then comes home and writes. “I need to take a day off,” LA says upon getting up. “I was coughing all night.” Thoth calls Andrea and they plan for LA and Thoth to take their things to her apartment and spend the night. Thoth reorganizes his suitcase, then LA puts her clothes in one side while he puts his on the other. They make lunch in the late afternoon. LA calls Jim and asks if he can drive them to Andrea’s house tonight. Jim says he will but “We’re going to go to dinner first.” Thoth and LA continue cleaning the house. Jim and his kids come home, and Jim says that everyone is going to Burger Lounge. “You guys wanna come?” Jim asks LA. LA, Thoth, Jim and Pamela go in one car, while Julian, Audrey and Nina go in another. Burger Lounge is packed. Jim has Julian save a table while LA, Thoth, and he order. LA has a burger and Thoth, a Caesar salad. After eating, Jim drives them home.  LA and Thoth pack Jim’s car with their bikes, suitcase and violins. They drive to Baker’s Hill. Andrea lets them in and helps get their things upstairs. Then LA and Thoth put their bikes in the downstairs garage. Upstairs, Andrea’s daughter Bella shows LA and Thoth how to play Wii Mario Brothers. They all lie on the couch and watch The Lorax. Bibi says: “Curious how luxurious!”