28.4.2013 “Thinner”

Thoth bikes to Vons for food and coffee. He cleans and puts away everyone’s dishes then watches the finals from the Barcelona tennis tournament. LA gets up early. She listens to music and makes waffles. Later, Thoth makes waffles and turkey bacon. LA dyes her hair mint green. It turns out blue so she tries again. Thoth organizes some files on his computer, and writes and edits. LA puts on her pink wig to go out to prayform. While assembling CDs, LA and Thoth discover they are out of hubs, so they stop at Ego ID Media to get some from Jim. The attendance at the Art Lab stage is small. “Doesn’t seem too busy today,” Thoth observes. As they bike up Adams Avenue to the Fabric Store, the crowds are much thinner than yesterday. A duo is performing with a mic when LA and Thoth arrive at the Fabric Store. “I love how you guys are always on time,” Miguel says. “It’s not as big a crowd as yesterday.” The duo finishes and LA and Thoth set up. ”Definitely doesn’t feel as good as yesterday,” Thoth says. “I guess we’ll see.” The Dynamic Duo performs their regular set plus the “Plucking Song.” The crowd is thin and distracted. “I’m definitely getting my period soon,” LA says during a break. “That, and I’m having a major letdown from yesterday.” When the Dynamic Duo is packing up, they chat with Amber and Derrick, their neighbors, who came to see them. A man approaches LA and says: “You are too much for people.” “People project their own discomfort,”