28.5.2013 “Saves Us”

Thoth walks to Zanny’s Cafe and drinks coffee while reading in the window. He returns home. He watches French Open tennis and writes. “It’s raining today,” LA says when she gets up. “I wasn’t expecting that.” LA bleaches her hair roots. Thoth helps her do the back. ”Why don’t you have someone do this for you?” he asks. “I’m trying to save money,” she says. “But you aren’t really saving money because you spend more time doing it. And, we . . . I don’t do it as well as a hair stylist. Sometimes letting someone do something for us saves us time and thus money.” After bleaching the roots, LA and Thoth dress and go out. They take the subway to 23rd street where they get Scottish salmon at Garden of Eden, bubble slushies at V’s Sushi. Heavy rain soaks them as they walk to the subway. They stop at Trader Joe’s and get food supplies. Take the subway up to 110th street. On the walk home, LA stops and points towards a building. “That’s where my former voice teacher lives!” she says. “I’m going to call her.” At home, Thoth speaks to Nancee on Skype and they catch up on each other’s lives. He and LA eat dinner then watch The Phantom Menace up in the loft bed. Bibi says: “Love movies before bed.”